WOODBURY – Consumer complaints in Gloucester County are down this year, but financial reocveries are up over five years ago.

In 2013, the Gloucester County Office of Consumer Affairs handled nearly 200 cases, with two investigators, and recovered $252,420 in actual monies and money value to residents, in Gloucester County and neighboring counties, authorities said.

“These numbers illustrate that the state’s Consumer Protection Act is alive and well and that consumers in Gloucester County have a place they can go with
complaints or questions on almost any consumer problem,” said Freeholder Lyman Barnes, the liaison with the Consumer Affairs office.

In 2014 the office has received 158 complaints and returned $154,500 to consumers in terms of real dollars,  additional work being performed or work completed on projects consumers had already paid for.

The office has also worked with state officials on several task forces including ensuring that health clubs are conforming to state law and home improvement
contractor registration, as required under the act.

The office handles complaints ranging from pet purchases to major home-renovation disasters. Any resident needing assistance or having questions on Consumer Affairs or Weights and Measures can call the office at 856-384-6855.