PITMAN — Two police officers and a new K-9 unit will be taking to Pitman’s streets in March — and none too soon, according to Police Chief Robert Zimmerman.

In 2014 alone, police have made 108 drug arrests, 25 drug distribution arrests, had 86 drug evidence cases, executed nine drug search warrants and made 13 search warrant arrests, said Zimmerman.

There were four heroin overdose deaths in the borough, eight investigations involving alleged firearms and six investigations involving known gang members, he said.

“We have seen an influx of illegal drug activity in our community,” Zimmerman said, “Drugs, such as heroin and the illegal use of prescription medications, in addition to marijuana and others are extremely prevalent.”

Zimmerman said his “experienced” detectives and “young go-getters” in the patrol division have been doing a phenomenal job in recent years.

The chief said he sees support from the community in tangible ways, such as the $70,000 raised to create Pitman’s first K-9 unit.

“I have made it a primary focus to eradicate these drugs and to remove the dealers from the streets of Pitman,” said Zimmerman.